The Portuguese Association of Classification and Data Analysis (CLAD) and the Portuguese Naval Academy  have the pleasure to organize the XXV Journeys of Classification and Data Analysis (JOCLAD2018), which will be held, from 5th to 7th  April of 2018, in Base Naval de Lisboa, Alfeite, Almada, Portugal.

The main goals of this annual conference directed, among others, to teachers, investigators, students and users, who share interests on Classification and Data Analysis, are:

  • Promote and develop investigation in this field of Data Science;
  • Stimulate and divulgate the national scientific production, on applied (namely to civil society) and theoretical strands;
  • Develop mechanisms of dialogue, collaboration, discussion and scientific interchange between Data scientists and users;
  • Strengthen cohesion and affirmation of CLAD. 

On Scientific Program of 2018 edition, are predicted:

  • 5th April of 2018:


    -Plenary Session given by an invited speaker.



  • 6th and 7th  April of 2018:

   - Plenary Sessions given by invited speakers;

   - Thematic Sessions;

   - Selected Free Communications, organized in Oral Parallel Sessions and Posters.   

The participants and their registered accompaniers are invited to participate on the Social Program of the Journeys. 


Portuguese Naval Academy