JOCLAD 2021 

The Portuguese Association of Data Classification and Analysis (CLAD) and the University of Beira Interior (UBI) are pleased to organize the XXVIII Conference on Data Classification and Analysis (JOCLAD2021), which will take place from December 9th to 11th, 2021, in Covilhã. 

The main objectives of this annual conference aimed, among others, at teachers, researchers, students, and users who share interests in the area of Classification and Data Analysis, are:

  • Promote, support, develop and disseminate scientific research in the field of data science;
  • Promote scientific collaboration and exchange in the field of data science between researchers, companies, and other organizations;
  • Offer training in the field of data science.


JOCLAD 2021 is a joint organization between UBI and CLAD:

President: Maria Paula Brito (Presidente da CLAD)

Secretary: João Cordeiro (UBI)


Local Organizing Committee:

  • Célia Nunes (UBI, CMA)
  • João Cordeiro (UBI, INESC TEC)
  • Maria Eugénia Ferrão (UBI, CEMAPRE) 
  • Sebastião Pais (UBI, NOVA LINCS)
  • Conceição Rocha (INESC TEC)  


President of the Scientific Committee:

  • José Gonçalves Dias (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa)